Artistic Swimming – Is it For Everybody?

Artistic Swimming – Is it For Everybody?

Some sports are by their nature more specific in terms of what is required of the athlete to actually perform. They require more agility and strength but also coordination. Being a top tier gymnast is not the same as being a top tier table tennis player. One requires pinpoint precision and accuracy which stems from your wrist and shoulder while the other requires you to use your entire body to spin, flip and hold positions.

Similar to gymnastics, you can find synchronized or artistic swimming difficult. It is not a sport for everybody, but it could be, depending on how far you are willing to go. Find out what synchronized swimming is about and why it could be the right sport for you.

What is Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming is a form of water gymnastics and acrobatics which involves swimming, of course. It was primarily a women’s sport, particularly in the 20th century. It has been an Olympic sport since 1984. That being said, the sport has allowed men to compete recently, in national, international and local competitions. The Olympics allow women only.

In this sport, swimmers have to make choreographies together which involve swimming upside down, making towers of people, launching people in the air and performing flips. In other words, it is a very difficult sport.

What Do You Need to Be a Synchronized Swimmer?

The first thing a person needs is great coordination. The second thing they need is great endurance and strength. Thirdly, they need to be aware that 100% of synchronized swimmers get a concussion at some point. People are swimming in absolutely ridiculously close proximity to one another and there are towers of people and people flying and dropping. Perfect choreographies take months to practice. The blooper reels of synchronized swimming are often painful.

One would also need bravery if they want to become a synchronized swimmer. Depending on the country, one would also need to be a woman. Male swimmers are not allowed everywhere, yet.

Why Wouldn’t Artistic Swimming Be the Right Sport for You?

Well, firstly, it is a very dangerous sport. It is nowhere near regular swimming or even regular gymnastics. When doing gymnastics, it is only you and the apparatus. When attempting synchronized swimming, it is you, the pool and around 10 to 20 other people. It takes great synchronization (pun intended), for the choreographies to work and nobody to get injured.

The sport requires amazing conditioning and a high fitness level. Not everybody is willing to spend 8 hours of their time in water. Consider the possible consequences and perhaps try practicing on your own if you really enjoy the motions. 

Synchronized or artistic swimming might not be for everybody. The sport requires finesse, coordination, strength, agility, flexibility, endurance and most importantly, a hard head. Still, if the prospect of getting a concussion doesn’t phase you, the sport is ridiculously beautiful to watch, knowing how much effort goes into it. 

Consider trying it, as always, because this is something that a person could realistically try and make an educated decision afterwards.