Can You Bet on Dancing With the Stars?

Can You Bet on Dancing With the Stars?

Betting is a very popular hobby in the world of sports. Some would say that the two go hand in hand. The problem with this is that for some sports, one can barely find bookmakers who have the said sports on shelf, if you will. Additionally, for the less popular sports, betting on smaller tournaments is not an option.

But, time and technology are our friends and implementing new betting systems allows online bookmakers to offer anything from sports to esports to even live TV shows. Many people who enjoy such entertainment are using Unibet Bonus codes as it allows them to have more fun in their free time. When it comes to TV shows, Dancing with the Stars is a TV show, and it is a show that one could bet on.

What is Dancing With the Stars?

The name of the show explains what the show is about, namely pairing professional dancers with celebrities from all industries, from music to cinema. The pair of professionals and celebrities will then perform choreographies every week, competing against other pairs. A panel of judges would then give out scores. The pair with the lowest combined score gets eliminated. There is one elimination per week. The last remaining pair wins.

The show has been around since 2005 and remarkably, it has had 29 seasons with an upcoming 30th. Often, seasons are annual, but in this case, there were at least two years with two seasons in the same year.

How Would One Bet on Dancing With the Stars?

Dancing With the Stars has one team less every week. This means that there are several bets that a person could make. The first and foremost is the outright competition winner. This bet is probably the highest paying one, but one which is difficult to predict prior to the competition, unless the celebrity side of the pair is also a proficient dancer (which should not surprise people, given that many actors, for example, are trained in skills such as dancing).

Apart from the outright winner, one can bet on who will get eliminated every week. This type of bet is a much safer bet after the first couple of weeks, when there is enough data to somewhat judge the competitors. 

You could bet on who will get a certain score, most likely an approximation of the score. Betting on an exact score would be ludicrous, as the odds would be worse than that of a lottery, in some cases. This bet is interesting, as are most unique bets.

One could also bet on who will get a higher score between two pairs of celebrities and dancers. This type of bet is a head to head bet and is common in individual sports such as golf. 

Is Betting on a TV Show Smart?

Betting in general is gambling, so in all essence, no matter your research, you are putting your money in the hands of others. Even though the research and data say one thing, in the world of sports, TV shows and betting, things can change in a single second. Betting on a TV show such as Dancing With the Stars is probably a lot more difficult than betting on football and tennis, where you can count on the data and knowledge about athletes and teams.

Dancing With the Stars is a TV show where pairs of celebrities and professional dancers compete against other pairs to eventually win. It has a weekly elimination process, where the pair with the lowest score gets eliminated. And yes, you can bet on this show.