How to Become a Dance Teacher 101

How to Become a Dance Teacher 101

Some people wish to fly and be astronauts, others prefer being grounded and driving trains, a linear and often simple job. Some people enjoy teaching. Nothing is as rewarding as helping others learn something, then master it and at some point, surpass you. This is what teaching is about, the joy of helping others become better.

Teaching dancing is even better, because one can move to the music, express themselves and then watch their students learn and adapt, until they become able to express themselves through dance.

But if you wanted to become a dance teacher, you cannot simply open a studio. Depending on the country, you will need a license. Here is how you can become a dance teacher.

Obtain a License and Necessary Education

Obtaining a license can be done in many ways but more often than not, it is tied to a course which a candidate would have to finish. After finishing a course, they would most likely have to take theoretical and practical exams. These things are necessary because you will be answering for the health and safety of your students. Some dances are unlikely to cause harm to students, but anything related to breakdance, ballet, and if it has acrobatics as an optional element, things could get ugly. Having a license will cover you from a legal perspective which is absolutely necessary.

Getting educated is something which should have been done prior to petitioning for a license. Provided that one has already done this step, everything should go smoothly.

Location – Where Will You Teach?

If you do not have a studio, or even a place to rent, there could be issues with teaching people. Some dances can be taught outside, but where and which dances? You could technically do most dances on grass surfaces if you do not want anybody doing pirouettes.

Finding a place to rent, or even working as a teacher in already existing studios is an option. The first requires a financial investment and some capital. Rarely do people rent a location for a single month. In most cases, one would have to make a 6-month contract.

Finding a studio to join as a teacher might be the only viable option for a teacher on a budget. Getting paid, working with students, everything works.

Evaluate Your Teaching

Teaching is not just about telling people what to do, correcting mistakes and having order in an otherwise possibly chaotic classroom, or rather, dance studio.

One needs to connect with their students, to talk to them, have them enjoy dancing. Have them find their center, where they will be able to express themselves, and not just repeat the dance moves to a rhythm. Dancing is eventually about expression, and you as a teacher should evaluate your progress, by talking and observing how your students progress.

Becoming a dance teacher is not that hard, provided that you take the right steps to educate yourself, get a license, find a place to teach at and have fun while doing it.