How to Choose a Dance Style for You

How to Choose a Dance Style for You

Dancing is a personal form of expression and not everybody is suited for all types of dancing. Yet, with enough practice and “grinding” (hard, laborious, repetitive practice), everybody can become proficient in a dance. This does not mean that the particular dance is a great choice for that individual. Finding your own dance means finding something to inspire and motivate you, something which you will enjoy practicing.

Here is how to find the right dance style for you.

Try and Try Some More

This might seem like a very basic idea, but one cannot know if they are good at something unless they try it. That being said, the best thing to do is try every dance that you can and see whether you like the motions, the music.

Dance is about emotions, as is music. It is a personal, subjective matter and it has to get you moving. Try to listen to the music which is played with a certain dance style. That should immediately give you an idea of what you would feel like when performing that dance. Even if you like the music, you might not like the movements. If you do not like the motions of a dance, you should then try a different dance.

Trying at a Dance Studio/Academy

Most dance studios offer free classes for upcoming beginners. This is good advertisement, primarily, but also a way for said beginners to see whether a dance might be the right one for them. Some dances you cannot practice on your own, for they are partner dances. Something like salsa and tango require partners, which is why one should try them at a studio.

Some dances should not be practiced on one’s own if they are not familiar with the dangers of such movements, such as ballet and breakdancing. There should be dance studios of all kinds in almost every city. Beware of bad instructors, however. Sometimes, we dislike something because of our instructors/teachers.

Attend Dance Shows and Competitions

Often, dancers will have shows and performances which one can spectate. This should give a spectator an idea of what dancing could look like when being done by someone at an above average or professional level, depending on the presenters.

Visiting competitions is a great idea to see what dancing looks like at the highest level (depending on the level of competition, of course). This should also give you an idea of what you could or would have to strive for if you wanted to compete.

Finding the right dance style for you means finding the right music and set of motions which resonate with you, which make you move. Trying is the first and foremost way to find out so go out there and dance.