Why I Love Being a Teacher

Why I Love Being a Teacher

Teaching is something that not every person should be doing. Some people become teachers because it is the logical thing to do after graduating. Not everybody, however, is fit for the job. University professors are often not fit to do their job, but would find more success doing research, rather than interacting with students.

I love teaching. There are so many reasons why I love teaching. And I am going to share them with you.

Interacting With Students

Being a dance teacher, I have a very physical interaction with students. Teaching them to move, for some of them, is basically like interacting with children who are taking their first steps. For some of them, they are actually their first baby steps. You can encourage the shy ones, give a compliment to the prodigies and simply have fun with the students, most of whom will react differently. It is a very social experience and because I love socializing, teaching comes as an extension, one where you get to know your students in a different way. The dancing does the talking and everything else becomes secondary.

Watching Students Grow

There is nothing better than watching a student overcome their obstacles and learn a new move, a combination of moves, learn to keep tempo, learn to feel the music and stop thinking about the steps. It is a similar process, but also very different because every individual takes their own route to reach the goal of dancing. As a teacher, I can help them on their route, push them when they need a push, slow down the antsy ones who think they have everything right. It is a journey and watching the students push through is a very fulfilling experience.

Dancing With the Students

A student can be very shy and clumsy when they first start, but that is completely fine.

You expect that and you are there to guide them and teach them to make the correct movements, to become more confident and move to the music. As you dance with them, you can feel them becoming better and better. As they become better, through your encouragement, they also grow more confident, and that is the right kind of confidence, the kind that comes from progress and success.

Watching the Students Compete

Some students are not there for casual dancing. Competitive dancing is for the serious, the hard-working and the gifted. Some students quickly rise in the ranks, as they say, and show that their work and talent make a difference. Then they start competing. Competitive dancing is different, rigorous, but watching a student compete is a very rewarding experience. Someone who you trained, raised and taught, is now competing against other dancers. There is always a certain amount of pride involved, after watching your student finish a competitive performance.

I Love Dancing and Want Others to Feel That

This is probably one of the main reasons as to why I enjoy teaching so much. Dancing is simply lovely. You can lose yourself in the music (the moment), watch as your body performs the moves, while you are in sort of a trance.

Teaching others to connect to music, to express their art through motion, that is one of the best parts about dancing.

Teaching is amazing, but when you teach dancing, it is even better. These are the reasons why I love it.